Sean M. Law

Position: Alumni


Currently: Data Scientist - TD Ameritrade (Ann Arbor, MI)

Personal Webpage: Link

Experience: 2011-2014 (3 years)


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2. Law, S.M, A. T. Frank, C. L. Brooks III (2014). PCASSO: A Fast and Efficient Cα-based Method for Accurately Assigning Protein Secondary Structure Elements. J. Comput. Chem. 35(24):1757 [Abstract] [PDF].

1. Law, S. M., B. W. Zhang, and C. L. Brooks III. (2013). pH-Sensitive Residues in the P19 RNA Silencing Suppressor Protein from Carnation Italian Ringspot Virus Affect siRNA Binding Stability. Protein Sci. 22(5):595. [Abstract] [PDF].

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