Description is a python script that interfaces with the widely used GlobalMeltFit code written by Prof. David Draper (Johns Hopkins) to perform multi-transition van't Hoff fits to RNA UV melting data. In its original form, GlobalMeltFit was distributed as a GUI written in Future Basic that wrapped underlying C code. While the C code that performs van't Hoff fits remains supported on modern machines, the Future Basic GUI is not. is meant to serve as a replacement for this Future Basic GUI. The download package includes PDF documentation, a lightly updated version of the MeltFit source code, the documentation, and an example data input file. Note that while an attempt was made to fully document the code, users will find that they need to be competent at using the command line and python. Moreover, it should be emphasized that was written to accept only a single input data format and requires time-consuming manual entry of initial fitting parameters. It is thus unlikely to represent a general solution to all fitting needs. However, we hope that others may find it useful and/or find the time to develop a more extensible solution.


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